Must-Have Tools for Remote Business Owners

Remote work culture is not a secret in today’s world. It has become an emerging trend. If we see the fact of a report published by Global Workplace Analytics, more than 100% increase is noticed in work from home employees since 2005. This growing trend is affecting the bottom line of a company both positively and importantly. Further, in the same report, it has been found that the national savings will be more than $700 billion every year if the existing employees having a desire to work from home are added into it. 


Working from anywhere is advantageous for both employees and remote business owners. As a remote business owner, you can save around $11000 every year on an employee according to the same report. With all these advantages, you can shift your business on work from home culture permanently with these must-have tools. These tools are beneficial for both employees and business owners. So let’s get started working from home culture with these productivity tools and software. 

  • Asana


Asana is software that has been designed to organize projects and tasks effectively and efficiently. This powerful management software can be used by up to 15 people for free. That makes it an ideal solution for remote business owners who have small teams. The free subscription also allows you to manage the desired number of projects and tasks. 

  • Canva


Canva is the most used graphic design software across the world. Now it is your turn to employ this tool in your remote business. The software is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It has a range of drag and drops solutions like preloaded images, designs, themes, etc. The preloaded content makes the designing process effortless. This software is available for both free and premium. In addition to it, you also find social graphics and flyers on the platform. 

  • is another remote work tool for remote business owners. It is a small alternative to larger CRMs. In other words, is software designed for salespeople. You can use this tool to manage all sales-related data. By doing so, you are free to focus on closing sales rather than worrying about data management. 

  • CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a great app for your remote business. It provides a one-stop solution for your marketing calendar and team. You can do many more things using this app. For example, you can effectively manage all your social channels by automating content posting. All in all, CoSchedule is all about planning and managing different types of tasks. 


  1. Grasshopper            


Grasshopper provides business-class VoIP solutions, especially for small businesses and startups. It is a virtual phone system that enables you to receive phone calls from anywhere so you can get connected with your clients and business. Grasshopper doesn’t require you to buy any new hardware. It works in the current phones of your organization. The software can also route phone calls directly to smartphones helping you get connected all the time. 

  • Groove 


Groove has been designed to support your remote business by catering to all your customer assistance needs. The app consists of an in-app help widget that helps customers to take advantage of product-related information. You get reporting metrics to keep you updated about the average response times, customers ratings, and more. 

  • MailChimp


MailChimp is your best friend in facilitating email services through easy-to-customize email designers. The platform includes several e-commerce platforms to help you in your marketing campaign. The service allows you to target your customers anytime and anywhere. 

  • Satismeter


If you are a business owner and want to make yourself aware of your customer happiness and retention, Satismeter is your right destination. By integrating the app into your website, you can grab real-time information about your customers with the help of automated emails and surveys. Your customers also have the independence to contribute their feedback using surveys. That will help you get actionable insights about them. 

  • Slack


Have you ever heard about Slack? If not then you are about to lose productivity software. Slack helps you connect to other members of your team on a real-time basis. It is a messaging app that helps you establish effective communication. This messaging software simplifies your life in terms of creating a conversation across the channels. It also allows you to select your desired team members to make a communication team. The app also includes a file-sharing feature that helps you share files during the conversation. 

  • QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online has been designed to shift accounting and bookkeeping on the cloud. It is an ideal software for small remote business owners who want to take advantage of cloud accounting and bookkeeping. With this software, you can manage your sales and expenses in addition to sending invoices and sales receipts whenever you want. You can also integrate your bank account and credit card to manage financial transactions. 




That is all you will want to know about the tools and software to use in your remote business. Kindly read the full article to know more about the software. 

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